„Die Nibelungen“ – 30 illustrations and layout for a book of an ancient myth.

Cover & postcards

The story of the Nibelungen – an ancient Germanic myth about heroes and queens, dragons and magic, love, hate and revenge in the 5th century – has been re-told by author Baal Müller. My 30 handmade illustrations for this book project were shown on several exhibitions, for example at the Nibelungen Museum in Worms and at the Rhein Museum in Koblenz and mesmerized the audience of the exhibitions as well as the readers of the book:

„There are few books that really fascinate me. This book of an exceptional saga does this in particular because the pictures of the artist Linde Gerwin grew instantly to heart. The new transfer of the old legend „Die Nibelungen“ of Baal Müller succeeded as consistently to describe because it is something achieved what few can: adjust the legendary material to modern conditions without distorting it.“ (translated from German, Thorsten Wiedau, HALL OF FAME and TOP 500 REZENSENT on amazon.de)

Layout of the book

„The book is of course not only literary and mythological of great value, it is, thanks to the excellent illustrations of Linde Gerwin, also a bibliophile masterpiece. A total of 30 large-format images of the key scenes of the Nibelungenlied correspond to an amazing and fascinating way with the plot and provide distinct artistic arguments with the Nibelungen material. Müller adopted the pagan „prehistory“ of the Nibelungenlied by taking recourse to cultural and religious historical knowledge, and Linde Gerwin understood paganism especially as natural religion and set the Nibelungen heroes in an aesthetically naturalized context: armor appear suddenly like tanks of crustaceans and insects, shields are to snail shells, robes turn into entangled plants hostile armies wallow from gloomy horizon with threatening spines zoom, foreground and background, the people and their fates are inextricably linked.“ (translated from German, K. Wascher on amazon.de)

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