EVA Violin Course: A multi media project (illustration, layout, animation) for a music school in Sydney

Module 1-1

This work involves illustrations and the layout of print & e-Book publications of a violin course book for EVA (Elite Violin Academy), each for children (32 pages) and for adults (44 pages). In the childrens‘ edition, enchanted creatures, Butterphants and Elephlies, are going along with the beginner through the learning process while the adult’s version is more based on detailed explanations by texts. The first book introduces the art of playing a violin from the very beginning and is supposed to lead to the accomplishment of playing a complex music piece in two voices in ten lessons. The first module, consisting in a print & e-Book version of the children’s and adults‘ edition is now being published.

Client’s review: „We couldn’t imagine the work without Linde now and couldn’t recommend her more highly!“

For each music piece of the book, an animation was composed to assist the learning process. As a result, 52 animations are part of an online learning tool where the student can play along the pieces of the book while watching the animations. EVA offers their students an exciting new way of learning the violin, and more modules are planned. We show here excerpts of the book and one animation, but if you are interested in more information, check out the company’s website eliteviolinacademy.com.au

Module 1-2



Module 1-5

Module 1-6

Module 1-7

Module 1-8

Client’s review: „Linde inspires with her illustrations. Her work is incredible. All the while she stuck to the schedule and kept me posted and included in the process. I’m so impressed and couldn’t recommend her more highly. We are embarking on the next project and I am already very excited by how it is turning out.“